2014 Capsule Project Mask:

A group of 15 independently-minded artists from diverse disciplines have been invited to create a mask that reflects an aspect of their inner spirit. This places a spin on the idea of a mask as a form of disguise. Instead, the mask becomes a hallmark badge of individual self-expression, a window into the character and personality of the person behind the mask. 

The project has been conceptualised, curated and realised by Capsule Projects, with the support of Red Bull Studios Cape Town and Eristoff Vodka.

Photography Kent Andreasen

Participating artists:  Brett Charles Seiler, Chloe Hugo-Hamman, Crystal Birch, Danielle Clough, Henry Maritz, Katherine-Mary Pichulik, Kim Gush, Lara Klawikowski, Laura Windvogel, Leanie van der Vyver, Lucie de Moyencourt, Nicola Vlok, Rosie Mudge, Stiaan Louw and Zakirah Rabaney.



1 - Can you describe your mask to me and elaborate on any of its unique features?

My mask is a magpie extravaganza. Assembled with wire, the mask is encrusted with my childhood collection of beads and treasures that I have kept for over 20 years.The structure is composed of a crown, ears, a veil, and a headband. The predominant colour is gold and silver, with hints of blue and red.

2 - What do these elements of the mask suggest or echo about you and your personality?

1/ that I am an excellent hoarder, just like my dad

2/ the collection began whilst waiting and watching my mom, who was a ballet dancer, dancing from backstage. I used to think all the dancers where so pretty, and if sequins fell off their tutu’s I would pick them up and put them in my box. Later on I worked for years in the art departments of the film industry. Today I am an architect at DesignSpaceAfrica. So the second point is that I have always been a backstage person, but I dream of being a showgirl! These collections of things are scavenged from the world of the showgirls, and I have assembled this mask to pretend I am one of them.