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Lucie de Moyencourt selected as one of the 50 #nextgenStartUp

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‘Be strong! Be different, keep it real, and wear red lipstick!’

Lucie has a degree in architecture from UCT, and has always wanted to incorporate architecture with art (she calls it ‘artitecting’). When she isn’t doing set design for both local and international films, she is in her Cape Town studio creating a combination of spatial projects and set design, as well as fine-art exhibitions and collaborations. Follow @studio_lucie_de_moyencourt or

On choosing to be an entrepreneur:

I’ve always wanted the freedom to work on freelance creative projects and to be lead creative, as I have very strong and clear visions for things. I waited more than 10 years before jumping into being freelance, and by then I’d amassed enough clients and relations with galleries and designers so that working solo had become a sustainable income generator.

On her advice for other businesswomen:

Be strong! Be different, keep it real, and wear red lipstick!

On women entrepreneurs:

There is a lot of opportunity in South Africa for women, and a lot of space for creative thinkers – be confident.

On challenges:

The reality is that there is never a job guarantee and that we become accustomed to uncertainty and change. As an artist, I am able to deal with this, but it can be very stressful when you start depending on a job or a commission to get you through the month and it then does not come to fruition.