A SHELLebration of a year of ceramics making

by Lucie De Moyencourt

Each of the 95 shells on exhibition is unique offering the artist a chance to experiment with the complex and mystical mediums of Stoneware, Porcelain, Underglaze, Glaze and Lustre.

Each shell was made in the ceramic studio of Wendy Coleman in 2018 and Lucie would love to Thank Wendy as well as Michael Chandler so much for inspiring her to jump into clay!

Why shells? Lucie has been a massive shell lover/ collector/ mermaid wannabe her whole life! She loves the organic WabiSabi shapes of the shells and wanted to create a big wall installation of shells in a fan display inspired by Matisse’ cut outs.  

I will be making shells for the rest of my life, so if you do not find enough shells here, do not panic! Im making more !  

I am thrilled to transform my tiny studio space into Neptunes palace and show you all of my new work, and I hope that you will enjoy these works as much as I did making each and everyone.

For sales and enquiries contact:


The Studio Exhibition will open on:

  • Saturday 1st December (10-2pm),

  • Saturday 8th December (10-2pm),

  • Saturday 15th December (10-2pm)

During the weekdays, the show will be open by appointment only, please contact Lucie directly on 0832711448 as she is in and out of studio all day.

All Works can be collect from the 15th December - 20th December from Chandler House Gallery

Each Shell is individually priced on the image with its ID #, and the sizes vary from 10cm - 40cm Diameter

Studio Lucie de Moyencourt

( upstairs of Chandler House Gallery)

53 Church St

Cape Town

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